Hello and welcome to my blog with information and tips for travel in Ukraine.

As Portuguese, Ukraine is a country well aware in my mind due to the large number of Ukrainian immigrants in Portugal. So basically I knew the existance of this country, I knew it was located somewhere in East Europe, but possibly without having the slightest idea of what was happening there.

After almost 3 years living in Morocco, I decided to moved to the southwest of Ukraine, to a beautiful city called Lviv, a city protected and included by UNESCO on its list of World Heritage.

Dormition Church in Lviv, Ukraine
Dormition Church, Lviv April 2009

Ukraine surprised me since the first day I arrived. I remember like it was yesterday, when I arrived during the night coming by train from Warsaw in Poland. Everything was simple, without pressure, quiet, and I caught a taxi from the train station to a hostel on the city center. Lviv and Ukraine welcomed me in the best possible way. I love it here.

Ukraine is in Eastern Europe, between Poland and Russia. It has around 46 million people and is the 44th largest country in the world and the 2nd largest country in Europe.

I hope to share some good information to travel Ukraine. I try to give an overview of the country, best travel destinations, my favorite places to go, places to eat, adventures, reviews, photos, transportation, just a bit of everything I can remember to be useful to travel around the country.

Good luck and happy travels!

Ratusha City Hall tower building Lviv Ukraine
View of Lviv from the top of Ratusha City Hall tower building, Lviv April 2009

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