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This blog appears on the success of another blog I created a few years ago, a blog to travel in Morocco that in 3 years of being on-line had nearly 1 million visitors. So why not creating a blog of my travels and living in the Ukraine?

The criteria for writing and sharing information here is the same as always: I write without thinking much so expect a kind of an easy way of writing vs reading. Forgive me some errors and mistypes but in fact it is almost rare for me to read back what I just wrote and also as English is not my native language.

Rynok Square in center Lviv Ukraine
View of Rynok Square taken from the 2rd floor of the Black Stone House Museum in Lviv Ukraine June 2009

I try to give an overview of the country, best travel destinations, my favorite places to go, places to eat, adventures, reviews, photos, transportation, just a bit of everything I can remember to be useful to travel around the country.

Thanks for visiting and hope you enjoy the Ukraine.

About the author

João Leitão

My name is João Leitão, I’m Portuguese and apart from this blog you now read, I have some travel blogs around the Internet. I love to travel and share information to help/advise other to do the same.

I am from Lisbon the capital of Portugal but I experienced living in quite a few number of cities in Portugal, Morocco, Finland and the USA.

I have my own business, an advertising / web agency (advertisement morocco) based in Erfoud, Sahara Desert, south-east of Morocco.

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