Posted by: João Leitão | July 25, 2009

Buy 3G Modem Wireless Internet Ukraine

It’s quite easy to get Internet on your Laptop (if you have a PC as I got bad reviews from MAC owners sorry), so if you want Wireless Internet in Ukraine, I’ll explain to you which is the simplest way to get it. So if you want to be on-line during your stay in the country is quite easy just go to a shop and buy one 3G MODEM PCMCIA with 3.1Mb speed. This will be a HUAWEI EC360 people net modem.

PEOPLEnet has the largest 3G coverage in Ukraine at the moment and is new mobile operator in Ukraine launched commercially in February 2007.

If you’re in Lviv i advise you to go to shop right in front of the Latin Cathedral of St. Maria on the way from Svobody Avenue to Rynok Square. Turn first right coming from Svobody, the shop is the 3rd door if I’m not wrong. Look at the sign. Try to get Vladislav as he speaks very good English and is a very nice guy that will help you installing your modem in your PC.

This modem costs 145 UAH + 60 UAH for some on-line time. When you’re done with the 60 UAH you can recharge you account. Just take your SIM card number with you. 60 UAH should give you for intense 1 week of connection or 1 month 1 or 2 hours per day connection. 🙂 depends on you.

You can also get other USB connected modems, just ask for the possibilities and prices.

People Net Modem, Buy Modem Wireless Internet Ukraine
This is the HUAWEI EC360 3G PC Modem from Peoplenet in Ukraine, Wireless Internet Ukraine


  1. I had a different experience there today (July 7, 2010). I went in looking for a modem to use for one month. The man said that they could sell me one for 500 UAH for 5 GB of data. I said okay. I don’t speak much Ukrainian, but took a friend with me who is fluent in it. The man held up 2 modems and said that I could choose either with the plan. I choose the one that he said would work better on a Mac. We filled out all of the documents, signed them and stamped them. Then, he asked for 645 UAH, and said that the one I chose was 145 UAH more. He said absolutely nothing about this price increase earlier, before anything was signed.

    The bottom line is this: We had set a price, and he chose 2 modems to accommodate it, but then, after everything was signed, jacked up the price. And, of course, one can do little to correct the situation in Ukraine since the police are corrupt and there is no one to whom one may lodge a complaint. So, before one buys here, I would recommend looking elsewhere. There is another place on the other side of the cathedral. The selection there is much more restricted, but the salesperson from whom I bought a phone the day before was very honest and helpful. Also, several people there speak English to some degree.

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