Posted by: João Leitão | July 19, 2009

Ukrainian Women, Women in Ukraine

I will write some other articles about this matter here on this blog. They reflect my personal experience and point of view towards women and relationships, and, they may be different than yours so take that in consideration and enjoy OK?!

While having the opportunity of travelling around quite a few countries around Europe, I can notice that Ukrainian Women are on a different level of beauty and personal commitment to themselves in terms of taking care of their physical aspect.

I mean, I know beauty is on the eye of the beholder, and personally I prefer darkish skin / dark hair but I have to say that many woman here know how to take care of themselves.

Ukrainian Women

Something I notice is that people here both men and women are quite free of mind (except on the country closed borders issue), and freedom brings personal happiness, and in the Ukrainian case, it brings free of mind in doing whatever, dressing whatever, going whatever you have in your mind. Ukrainian people are quite sharp in their minds so looks and mind seem to be a strong competitive character. 🙂

So this inner freedom is reflected on people’s eyes, and in terms of women, well, its a open door to the soul, and that soul is free and whiling to believe in themselves, and be independent and with strong character. Although the character here makes Ukrainian quite proud people, too much on my way of seeing live as if an Ukrainian knows something, well, he/she will “know it OK?”, and there’s no need to argue because “he/she knows!”. 🙂

Women in Ukraine are quite sensual, and its exactly about this inner sensuality I’m talking about that is unique and differs from many other countries. It’s not exactly the outside sexy looks (majority of them are also), but, a 50 year old woman will be as sexy and as sensual as many 20 year old girls around many countries in West Europe.

Ukrainian Women

Going out on the streets puts you on the mood and make you walk with a smile, and this is an amazing feeling. People in general give extreme importance to looks, so men and women live and act for looks and appearance. That is a common worry in a Ukrainian head. Girls really paint themselves, and use that type of really provocative clothes. I know many Americans are really attracted to this type of girls, many of my friends in Portugal as I know, kinda prefer natural looks instead of “made” looks. So all depends on the point of view.

Every country have beautiful woman, that is for sure, but the point here is the quantity of gorgeous and good looking women per capita. So if some countries have 25% of pretty women inside the total women population, Ukraine might have around 75% which is by fact a huge discrepancy. Also interesting to notice is that, many men in East Europe are attracted for dark hair and dark skin women and many guys say that Italian, Spanish and Portuguese girls are all pretty! 🙂 so it may really depend on your personal taste towards beauty.


  1. A friend of mine just got from kiev with a BIG smile, all the woman are beautiful! short skirts beautiful faces and bodies, he was amaze about the quantity of nice looking woman walking on the street compare with spain, actually we live in madrid.

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