Posted by: João Leitão | July 19, 2009

Are Ukrainian women easy?

I will write some other articles about this matter here on this blog. They reflect my personal experience and point of view towards women and relationships, and, they may be different than yours so take that in consideration and enjoy OK?!

I heard this expression a lot before I first came to the Ukraine: “Ukrainian girls are very easy”. Hum… this always came to my mind as a personal enigma and I was always curious to know it for sure.

First of all, what defines a girl of being easy or not? Is this bad? I mean, we all have the male conception of being easy. Majority of men by this definition are easy. But the “macho” idea all over the world for this concept still rules and even women are the first to say that probably.

Easy Ukrainian Women

What happens in some countries, and what I notice here in Ukraine, is that people are quite free of mind. So if a girl likes you, she will be the first to come on you and say that, and will be strongly willing to have sex with you, just because of her decision and not because you want to. They do it because THEY can decide to do it, or not.

I will quote another post I have about this issue:

« Something I notice is that women are quite free of mind (…), and freedom brings personal happiness, and in the Ukrainian case, it brings free of mind in doing whatever, dressing whatever, going whatever you have in your mind.

So this inner freedom is reflected on people’s eyes, and in terms of women, well, its a open door to the soul, and that soul is free and whiling to believe in themselves, and be independent and with strong character. »  in Ukrainian Women

By this I want to say and generally speaking of course, is that women in Ukraine rule their life and what they can do about it. Something good that came from the Soviet Communist times, is that women are not put apart of not being able to do something men only will. Women here are often seen driving buses, trams, taxis and doing jobs women that in some other countries might not be seen. Here, well, people just don’t really care much about what you do or about what kind of life you take.

Ukrainian Women

Are Ukrainian women easy?

Yes and No.


There are all types of women everywhere in the world. Ukraine has plenty of girls wanting to go out of the country, so many women look for a foreign man to get a chance to go out of Ukraine. Pubs and nightclubs and full of this type of girls so if this is what you’re looking for, YES, women are easy and YES, easy. There are a lot of Prostitutes in Ukraine also, like in many other East European countries.

But, Ukraine is not the only country where this happens. After living almost 3 years in Morocco, well, conditions are the same so plenty of girls just want to marry a foreign man and go out of Africa. The only difference is the color of skin and the deep gorgeous dark eyes that only Arabic girls have. 🙂

Now, the point is:

If, you’re just looking for a normal girl that has her own life, like the ones back in your own country do right? Well, things can get hard as many of these girls know that most men come to the Ukraine searching for sex and searching for easy girls. And by this I say that there’s a specific type of girl that will definitely close her doors to any foreigner as they don’t want to be seen like one of these “easy girls” and by the reason that they will probably only go with a guy that want nothing but having fun with her. So, nothing much she couldn’t do with a Ukrainian guy.

But still, yes, love is in the air. 🙂 🙂 🙂


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