Posted by: João Leitão | July 18, 2009

Train Lviv to Przemysl, Train Ukraine to Poland

This is one of few possible ways out of Lviv and out of the country heading Poland. A 3 hours journey of direct train to the Polish border city of Przemysl.

  • The price of the ticket is 152 grivnas Ukrainian = 14.1 Euros.

I got the train early in the morning, which is the train that comes from Kiev the capital, there are still 2 more trains from Lviv to Przemysl on the same day. One is the Odessa Express train that as the name suggests comes from Odessa in the Black Sea.

Train Lviv to Przemysl, Train Ukraine to Poland
You can notice the inside of Lviv Train Station and its impressive architecture

This train Lviv Przemysl is old but it is not so bad. It is a rail-bed, no chair compartments, so you can go and rest or sleep around 3 hours before arriving to Poland.

This train is very interesting because you can see men and women smuggling and everyone hide packs of cigarettes and bottles of vodka inside the train fuselage, and women hide cigarette packs inside their dresses, belts and bras. They attach cigarette packs to their waist with adhesive tape. Do not miss this smugglers show while crossing the border Ukraine to Poland. 🙂

Each person is allowed to pass the border with 1 bottle of vodka and a 12 pack cigarette box. This is the amount allowed to pass from Ukraine to Poland.

Train Lviv to Przemysl, Train Ukraine to Poland
Inside the morning train from Lviv to Przemysl, train from Ukraine to Poland


  1. I am a man from Palestine, I study in Lvov (Ukraine) can I take this train to Poland?


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