Posted by: João Leitão | July 18, 2009

How to go from Train Station to the center of Lviv, Tram or Taxi?

To go from the Lviv Train Station to the center of the city is really easy and you can do it by taxi or by tram. Lviv is quite well organized in terms of transportation and you’ll have plenty of trams, small buses and taxis to go everywhere. Within the center you can easily walk and enjoy its streets activity and lovely architecture.

Lviv Rail Terminal – (Залізничний вокзал), its a beautiful building from Art Nouveau architecture. It was opened to the public back in 1904 and its a very busy train station. Take a chance and spend few minutes making pictures of the building as it is indeed very photogenic.

Train Station Lviv Ukraine
Main entrance of Lviv Train Station, with its fabulous Art Nouveau architecture from the early 20th century.

Taxi – Lviv – Train Station

The price of a normal taxi from/to the train station to/from the center goes from 30 to 50 Grivnas (fair price should be 30 Grivnas so discuss the price before you actually go inside the taxi), but a private company doesn’t cost more than 20 Grivnas. This taxi trip will not take more than 10 minutes.

Taxi - Lviv - Train Station
Taxi in center Lviv, you have private companies and general companies, the difference is the price

Tram – Lviv – Train Station

This is the cheapest way and the trip takes around 20 minutes to do. Trams are very useful to go around the city and they are incredible cheap – 1 UAH / 0.09 EUR / 0.12 USD. Take the tram Number 1 from the Rynok Square in the center or at Doroshenka’s Street. You can buy the ticket to the driver when you go inside them tram. Don’t forget to validate your ticket in the small little machines inside the tram.

Make sure when you take the tram that you’re going the right direction. Standing in Rynok Square, and having the City Hall building main entrance on your back, you’ll be going right. Standing in Doroshenka, go to the station in front of Kievstar computer/cell phone shop. Easy. Good luck!

Tram - Lviv - Train Station
Tram Number 1 from the city center to Lviv Rail Terminal

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