Posted by: João Leitão | July 17, 2009

Train Warsaw to Lviv, Poland to Ukraine by Train

I took this train on the first time I traveled to Ukraine. I left Warsaw in Poland in the early morning at 7:15 am and arrived Lviv in Ukraine a little before midnight the same day. The price of the ticket was 127.27 ZLOTY = EUR 28.60 = 40.3 USD. I bought the ticket the day before only to have no surprises and not to waste time to buy it in the departure morning.

I took the morning train called “Odessa Express” which connects the capital of Poland Warsaw to the Black Sea coastal city, Odessa in Ukraine. It is a unique bed rail, I mean, no seating, only rooms with double beds, with sheets, blankets, table, rug etc.

Odessa Express sign at the train from Warsaw to Odessa passing Lviv in southwest Ukraine

It is very simple, and taking a train Poland to Ukraine is super easy task to do. This is a direct way to travel from Warsaw and for those who do not want to bother much with transport to Lviv. The border is very easy also, so passport formalities with both Polish and then Ukrainian authorities are quite simple.

The train stops for about 4 hours in the Polish city of Przemysl, so you can go out and enjoy this nice city for a couple of hours. Take your passport with you as police may ask for it. Watch out for crossing the train lines as police will fine you at place. I got away with it speaking Portuguese as they spoke some English and pointed the English warning signs.

Inside view of compartment in bed train from Poland to Ukraine

Odessa EXPRESS Train Schedules

Warszawa Centralna – Lvov – TRAIN 07:15
Departure: Warsaw 07:15 – Arrival: Lviv 23:44
Duration of trip: 15:29
Exchange of trains: it is not necessary to change is always the same.
Trains every day of the week.

Warszawa Centralna – Lvov – TRAIN 09:15
Departure: Warsaw 09:15 – Arrival: Lviv 23:44
Duration of trip: 13:29
Exchange of trains: need change in Krakow.
From Monday to Saturday except on June 12.

Warszawa Centralna – Lvov – TRAIN 11:07
Departure: Warsaw 11:07 – Arrival: Lviv 23:44
Duration of trip: 11:37
Exchange of trains: need change in Krakow and Przemysl.
Only runs from June 8th to July 15th, from Monday to Saturday.

Warszawa Centralna – Lvov – TRAIN 19:12
Departure: Warsaw 19:12 – Arrival: Lviv 09:51
Duration of trip: 06:03
Exchange of trains: we need change in Krakow.
Only runs from June 8th to June 20th, from Monday to Saturday.

Search trains online:
For more information on timetables visit the PKP Polish rail transport company at or go directly to the search page in English here:

Corridor of the epic train Odessa Express, train to Ukrain from Poland


  1. You have made an excellent website – so information and all relevant inforamtion! Well done!!!

    Please can you tell me:
    1. if I can buy my return train ticket krakow-Lviv-Krakow in Poland or do I buy just one way each time?

    2. Is it safe to arrive at 23.44pm in lviv or better to take the night train which arrives in lviv at 6.03am?

    Please let me know your answers.

    Kind regards


    • Hey there Tony sorry for the delay of my answer but I was traveling. So about buying round-trip ticket, well, I don’t really know about it, please if you find that out share the information with be. 🙂 Regarding getting late to Lviv, well, its a very safe town,I feel I can go everywhere anytime of the day. This city has a strong night life almost everyday of the week so plenty of people on the streets or at least there’s a safe ambiance about. Anyway just take a taxi to the city center and you’ll be fine. 🙂 Anything else please contact me. Thank you for your visit.

  2. Interested in the overnight train from Warsaw-Lvov. Why is it so much shorter than the others? Where can I get more information about this train? What is the price? Thank you!

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