Posted by: João Leitão | July 17, 2009

Tourist Visa for Ukraine

A Tourist visa to enter Ukraine is not required anymore for the majority of west countries since 2005. Funny that since this happened, I always said: “Man! now I have to go!” Because back in 2001 I tried to go from the Romanian Black Sea to Odessa in Ukraine, but I was stopped on the border with Moldova where I was asked for a $200 visa. I had to go back.

The law of visa exclusion for Ukraine was implemented in September 2005 and tourists can now stay up to 90 days with a normal visa waiver filled at the border. The Presidential Decree of Law of Ukraine No. 1131/2005 of 26 July 2005, makes visa not necessary to visit Ukraine for all citizens of the European Union, USA, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Ukrainian Passport Stamp

Ukrainian Passport Stamp, Tourist Visa for Ukraine

That is, you need only your passport and may stay in Ukraine up to 3 months (90 days).

The border police will asked you to fill a temporary visa waiver emigration paper (Immigration Card) where you have to write 2 papers (one for ingoing one for outgoing, do not loose the outgoing paper because it has needed while leaving the country).

The visa waiver has to be filled with the following information: first name, family name, nationality, date of birth, passport number, reason for travel (tourism type), address where you will stay (enter city name, or just the name of the hotel where you’ll stay, but it is not even necessary).


  1. I am from South Africa and I have a French Visa. Do I need an extra special visa for Ukraine?

    • no you can turn al around the world with a french visa 🙂

  2. Good site with good coverage. Regards

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