Posted by: João Leitão | July 17, 2009

The Kosmonaut Hostel, Youth Hostel in Lviv

I was in this youth hostel in Lviv for 2 nights. I had a room that is cheaper because that room as the door to the kitchen. I noticed that the price was cheaper because Lviv is a city where people go out at night a lot. So the majority of visitors go party and while arriving late they like to sleep until late also. So the kitchen is a place to serve breakfast (included on price), and if you want to sleep until late you’ll listen to people on the kitchen and will not let you sleep much 8unless you’re completely wasted of course 🙂 ). In my case it was OK as I get up early so I did save some money.

The Kosmonaut Hostel, Youth Hostel in Lviv
Hostel Corridor at The Kosmonaut Hostel

The hostel is right in the city center, 5 minutes of Rynok Square in the historic center. Being accommodated here is really good because you don’t need to waste time in transportation as you’re just 3 minutes away to the Opera and near the center square like I mentioned before.

This youth hostel in Lviv has a retro-style decor, creating a scenario of the socialist Soviet time. The kitchen can be used at will and even has a tap filtered water, the house bath rooms and shower are super clean, there is a washing machine, Internet access PC and free wireless Internet in the reception area. There are rooms with 4 beds to 12 beds.

Prices of The Kosmonaut Hostel

  • Room with 12 beds = 10 EUR = 14 USD
  • Room with 10 beds = 11 EUR = 15.5 USD
  • Room with 6 beds = 12 EUR = 17 USD
  • Room with 4 beds = 13 EUR = 18.3 USD
  • Room with 4 beds economic = 7 EUROS = 9.8 USD

The Kosmonaut Hostel

Address: 8 Sichovikh Striltsiv, Lviv, Ukraine
Phone: +380322601602 (24 hours)
Web Page:

The Kosmonaut Hostel, Youth Hostel in Lviv
Cheap Room in The Kosmonaut Hostel, Youth Hostel in Lviv Ukraine



  1. Yeah this is a great place, minus the cameras

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