Posted by: João Leitão | July 17, 2009

Prices in Lviv, Prices in Ukraine

Generally speaking, things are cheaper in Ukraine comparing to prices in Western Europe, but some things are about the same price as in Portugal, as Portugal itself is cheaper compared with other Western European countries. But in general, prices in Ukraine are low comparing to the “West”.

A pack of 6 liters of water (1.6 gallons) costs between 9 to 14 Grivnas (near 0.90 to 1.3 Euros). 1 kilo of mushrooms in a shop in the city center costs 18 Grivnas per kilo, a bottle of baked beans 9.2 Grivnas; a box of strawberries in Rynok square vendors costs 9 grivnas, etc…

Strawberries in Rynok square vendors Lviv
Strawberries vendors in Rynok square center Lviv Ukraine

Lviv is not an expensive city, but the money can quickly go away if you don’t pay attention, for example, it’s expensive to go out at night, where you can easily throw money on drinks and snacks in a pub for example. A beer costs around 15 to 30 Grivnas, 10 Grivnas for a juice; but a bottle of beer at the supermarket is just 3.60 Grivnas. Everything depends on how and where you spend the money.

1 tram ticket costs 1 Grivnas, yes it is very cheap, and with this ticket you can go from the city center to the main train station in Lviv Zaliznitsniy. A bus ride costs 1.5 Grivnas. In fact, are things like these that we can notice how prices in Ukraine are low.

A taxi from the city center to Lviv outskirts on a 10 minutes ride (more or less 4 or 5 km) on a normal taxi caught on the street 25-30 Grivnias, but if you use a private taxi service such as TAXI SOFIA, the price is not more than 15 or 16 Grivnas. The price that will cost a normal taxi from the train station to the center can go from 30 to 40 Grivnas, but a private company doesn’t cost more than 20 Grivnas.

Restaurants in center Lviv
Restaurants in center Lviv

The price of a train ticket from Ukraine to Poland, from Lviv to Przemysl on the Polish border costs 152 Grivnas. A train from Lviv to the city of Wroclaw in Poland for example costs 460 Grivnas, on the night bed train. A bus from Lviv to the border with Poland costs 20 Grivnas.

For example, wireless internet to your laptop can cost 200 grivnas with modem and 150 Grivnas Internet included, so to a regular Internet user that connects 1 or 2 hours per day this will be a normal 1 month consumption.

A studio type apartment near the city center, with simple decor and facilities but all equipped, costs between 1600 up to 2200 Grivnas. Rent an T2 apartment in the outskirts for 2200 grivnas. A T2 house in the city center can cost up to 3000 Grivnas, and even a studio in the city’s main square, the Plaza Rynok can cost from 2800 to 3500 Grivnas.

A good restaurant in the center can cost about 70 to 150 Grivnas for 2 people to eat. A slice of pizza or a quick snack on the street costs 3 or 4 Grivnas, but a big pizza in a restaurant can cost up to 40 Grivnas (big pizza), a bottle of water without gas in a small street kiosk costs 2 to 4 Grivnas. The other day my friend and I went out to the main square to have some drinks, and, 1 coke and 2 glasses of Kvas of 0.5 liters (Ukrainian drink without alcohol), costed 22 Grivnas (you can see the esplanade in the photo below this text). A bottle of 2 liters of kvas in the supermarket cost around 10 Grivnas.

Here in front of my house, on a small street supermarket a roll of toilet paper costs 0.95 Grivnas, a roll-on Nivea deodorant 17.50 Grivnas. 500 grams of detergent for a washing machine 9.25 Grivnas.

Esplanade in Rynok Square center Lviv, Ukraine
Esplanade in Rynok Square center Lviv, Ukraine

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