Posted by: João Leitão | July 17, 2009

Interesting things about Ukraine

All countries are different and sometimes you just need more time living there to notice some interesting characteristics. When you’re living in a specific location you will realize certain things, actions, objects and words that are interesting and unique, at least for me. When I talk about interesting, is not that these things will contribute to my intellectual development, but are just interesting because they are things that can define a people, their culture/values and way of interaction as a nation, and mark social/cultural differences between other countries.

This page is being updated as I discover new things. 🙂

Interesting things in Ukraine

  • Mineral water carboys are not of 5 liters like in the rest of Europe, they have 6 liters (1.6 gallons);
  • Thunders are of such intensity that sound like guns firing at war;
  • Ukrainian women and men are generally very friendly and very communicative and don’t need alcohol to get loose and to be sociable as in some neighboring countries;
  • Ukrainian women are incredibly HOT!;
  • It exists chestnut ice cream;
  • The lady at the train station information desk asked me for 3 UAH to write down the train schedules…
  • I saw more new Toyota Land Cruiser V8 SUV’s since I arrived that all other countries I know, and all together, including Morocco a country that lives much for its 4×4 tours and expeditions to Sahara Desert;
  • Many times, a dialogue between 2 Ukrainian sound crazy because a person can speak Ukrainian and the other replies in Russian, or one speaks in Russian while the other one replies in Ukrainian;
  • Every day I see at least 2 or 4 drunk men falling on the streets;
  • There are many mushrooms and strawberries;
  • Ukrainian women and men take care of their image, they strongly live for their image and aspect. Appearance is very important and this makes women beautiful and guys super well dressed;
  • In the city of Lviv, being relatively close to the Carpathian mountains, at a time you have 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit) with strong Sun, and, minutes after a storm arrives. It seems very tropical weather like in Havana, Cuba; hehe
  • The population is completely disappointed with politicians, and the majority are ashamed / disgusted to even talk about it. It seems to me that there will be a large number of people not to vote in upcoming elections in January 2010;
  • A tram ticket only costs 1 Grivnia which is about 0.09 Euros;
  • A bottle of quality vodka can cost 1 Euro…

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