Posted by: João Leitão | July 17, 2009

Bus Przemysl to Lviv, Poland to Ukraine by Bus

The bus from Przemysl in Poland to Lviv in Ukraine takes about 3 hours, depending on the time spent at the border, so it may take up to a maximum of 4 hours.

  • The price of the ticket is 25 Polish zloty = €5.5 Euros = $7.7 USD.

Przemysl is a city in Poland bordering with Ukraine, located in the region of Subcarpathian Voivodeship and has around 70 thousand inhabitants.

Take the bus to Lviv from the back of the train station in Przemysl (opposite part of the station main entrance), turn left and look for the box office.

Bus Przemysl to Lviv, Poland to Ukraine by Bus
Front part of bus to Lviv, notice the signs both written in Polish and Ukraine

The bus from Przemysl to Lviv is old and all broken, in part because the fact that at the border is normal that customs police searches for trafficking and smuggling. The trip from Ukraine to Poland is even worse as there is a strong clandestine transportation of goods (cigarettes and vodka!!!), so there is then the heavier the police searches.

Maybe you stay 1 hour at the border, or maybe 2 hours. But you can go out of the bus while they do it or while you wait for your passport to be stamped and verified. Passport must be held to the border police and they will take it for some time, its normal. You must do passport formalities with the police in 2 countries: first in Poland and then Ukraine.

The bus stops at Lviv bus station called AftoVaksal. A taxi to the city center can cost around 25 to 50 grivnas (2.5 to 5 euros).
Bus Przemysl to Lviv, Poland to Ukraine by Bus
As you can see the inside of the bus is pretty old, expect a long but fun ride to Ukraine


  1. I need information by train or bus from Przemysl
    to Ukrane border, what the best way to go how long it take by bus or train and i need rate

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